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Hello, I'm David King and welcome to our August newsletter.

August is the silly season of holidays, with many staff needing time off to be with children on their school break.

Care homes trying to cover the staff absences sometimes struggle to do so with their own bank of staff and have no choice but to use agency staff which is a very expensive resource.

How do you balance the needs of your residents with the needs of your staff to take time off and not have it cost a fortune in the first place?

Here's a checklist worth using to ensure you plan efficiently: 

  • Have a Year Planner wall chart in your office and a corresponding one in the staff room which is updated by your manager on a minimum weekly basis
  • When you take on staff, ensure they know from their very first day how they go about asking for time off and how much notice they need to give you
  • Keep in touch with your Bank Staff regularly and make sure you give them enough shifts to keep them up to date with how things are done, maintaining their loyalty and allowing them time to get to know the residents
  • Be fair with staff requesting holiday. If they have children in school holidays, it's understandable they will need time off in the school break but doesn't mean they have the monopoly on it

Happy holidays!

Best regards

David King

Agencies Nurses - The high cost of staff shortages in the Care Home Sector

The government are coming down hard on the use of agency nurses in the NHS and looking at restrictions on NHS budgets to bring down the charges levied currently by the Nursing Agency sector. However, the private care home sector currently runs at vacancy rates of 9% compared to 7% in the NHS and lacks the enormous buying power of the NHS.

Some care homes are finding themselves being charged almost double the normal hourly rate of their full time staff to have agency cover provided. To read the full article by Robert Anderson, CEO at IPROS, click here.

Contact Brent King to discuss your financial issues and we can take you through the steps to make the best decisions for your business and care home/s.


The Government's plan to delay the Care Home Cap until 2020

The government is delaying plans that would have capped pensioners care costs to 72,000 until 2020, saying it cannot afford to fund them at this current time.

Currently, many elderly people and people with disabilities are having to sell their homes when they go into care in order to fund their care.

The Dilnot Commission of 2011 had recommended that a cap be put on the costs to 72,000. However, out of the recent budget, this has been one of the initiatives that is having to be delayed due to lack of sufficient funds for the project which would have cost approximately 6 billion.

Read the full article here on care

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